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International Fund for Animal 

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International Cat Day is observed on August 8. In a holistic manner the special day raises awareness about the ways to take care of our feline friends .

Toward the betterment of the society International Cat Day also reminds cat parents of their contribution . On human health Having cats as pets have a positive impact . In addition, in cognitive functionality they also aid.

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The day was started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, and then it has become an annual celebration since . The meaning of International Cat Day which the animal rights organisation promotes the needs and wants of cats.

Find new ways to improve their bond with their furry friends The organisation uses the day to encourage the cat parents . The day urges the owners to take out time every day to play with their cats. This is done in order to take care or improve  their mental health and well-being. Just like how dogs need walking every day, daily play is necessary for cats, to keep them active and healthy.

Apart from this,welfare gives special focus on cats and also promoting  the adoption of stray cats and also  the International Fund for Animal. . In case you don't know, International Cat Care is the official “custodian” of International Cat Day.

A recent survey by International Cat Care has found “that less than 30% of owners play with their cat for at least 5 minutes a day with a wand toy.” This is what the organisation hopes to change in the coming future.

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