6 people have died after a boat carrying

6 people have died after a boat carrying 

6 people have died after a boat carrying

6 People have died after a boat carrying migrants sink in the english channel.

Authorties said  A joint rescue operation by the french  and british  coastguards have rescued more than 50(fifty) others.

 A large number of people in dover  were seen being brought off a lifeboat on stretchers. The range is not clear of other injuries .

A lifeboat crew was launched just before (04:00 BST) said by RNLI.

Niger west African nation have approved 


A volunteer who was on one(1)  of the rescue boats  Told Reuters news agency migrants were using shoes to bale water out of the sinking boat.

There had been too ''many people'' on the boat. Said by Anne thorel.

The UnitedKingdom home office has been asked for more details about the incident while Home Secretary Suella Braverman is expected to chair a meeting this morning.

Another Small another  boat also got into difficulty , but all on board have been rescued, the United Kingdom Coastguard said.

15826 people have crossed the channel in small boats this year as of 10 august.

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