Somalia has suspended sports official

 Somalia has suspended sports official

Somalia has suspended sports official image

In an international sports competition Somalia has suspended a sports official for nepotism after a novice sprinter was allowed to compete .

In China nasra Abubakar Ali took almost twice as long as the winner to finish the 100m at the World University Games .

Somali Ministry of Youth and Sport  investigation and  revealed she is "not a sports person, nor a runner".

The chairwoman of the Somali Athletics Federation has been accused of abusing her power and defaming Somalia.

Khadijo Aden Dahir was stood down following a meeting between the country's sport's ministry and its National Olympic Committee.

Their preliminary investigation also found that a sports body known as the Somali University Sports Association does not exist.

it will pursue legal action against both the chairman of the Athletics Federation of Somalia and others responsible for the "falsification" of the sports group.The minstry said that.

  On what the connection between Ms Dahir and Ms Ali  it did not elaborate .

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In a video of the event, the athlete is soon left out of shot and eventually completes the race with a jovial skip.

The novice athlete completed the race in 21.81 seconds - more than 10 seconds behind the eventual winner.

Sports Minister Mohamed Barre Mohamud described the incident as an embarrassment.

He said"What happened today was not representation of the Somali people... we apologise to the Somali people," .

The fact that she reportedly had no previous experience of competing has prompted some Somalis to wonder why she was ever selected.

"It's disheartening to witness such an incompetent government. How could they select an untrained girl to represent Somalia in running?" wrote one social media user, Elham Garaad. "It's truly shocking and reflects poorly on our country internationally."

Posted to its Facebook page  in a press release ,in the event  had not appointed any athlete to compete .the Association of Somali Universities said that.

How Ms Abubakar Ali was selected The Somali Athletics Federation has reportedly agreed to launch an investigation.

The incident is not the first time Somalia has sparked controversy with its choice of athletes at international athletics events.

The average time for the event is about 48 seconds  In 2016, Maryan Nuh Muse ran a sluggish time of 1.10.14 in the 400m at the Rio Olympics. .

However, many praised the runner for seeking to take part in the race and for defying the tough conditions faced by Somali women seeking to take part in high-level sport.

In london At the 2012 Olympics , Zamzam Mohamed Farah clocked a time of 1:20:48 - some 30 seconds behind the winner.

The athlete was reportedly subjected to death threats throughout the games from some in Somalia who believed women should not participate in sport.

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