Warning from Mohammed Salah to Halland 269 minutes

Warning from Mohammed Salah to Holland 269 minutes

Warning from Mohammed Salah to Halland 269 minutes image

 Al-Masry sent the strongest message.

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Egyptian star Mohamed Salah did not go through his best seasons last year when Liverpool finished fifth in the English Premier League table and lost the opportunity to play in the Champions League.

And because he is Mohamed Salah and no one else, it was not possible for him to surrender to the fait accompli, and as always, after every fall, it seems that he will stand stronger and more solid than he was.

How was the last season for Mohamed Salah!

Despite the successful start and achieving the Charity Shield title at the expense of the Premier League champion, Manchester City, in a match that saw the Reds prevail by three goals for a goal, the rest of the season was not successful for the team.

Liverpool suffered a difficult start to the season with the departure of Sadio Mane, followed by many injuries in the midfield without mercy from opponents who knew where the Reds shoulder was eaten from.

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In light of all this, Mohamed Salah clearly suffered from a significant decline in the number of goals and industries and moved away from the goal, so that coach Jurgen Klopp had received a lot of criticism because of that.

In the end, by the last round of the English Premier League, Salah’s total goals were 19 goals, a number that he had already competed with for the title of top scorer, but in the presence of Erling Haaland this year it was more difficult, and he also made 12 goals, as the second best of his seasons in the Reds. .

Scary preparation period!

During the current preparation period, Liverpool played five meetings of varying strength, between Leicester City, Bayern Munich and Darmstadt. Many could not have imagined that the Reds would present impressive levels in this way.

Not only on a collective level, but individually, Mohamed Salah appeared in a way that he was absent from for many weeks last season, whether in the English Premier League or elsewhere.

Salah made a goal in the first match, then scored a goal and made two goals in the next confrontation, and in the next meeting he also made two goals in a total of 135 minutes divided equally between the three matches.

And then against Bayern Munich, he made a goal despite the loss, then scored and scored in the last Darmstadt match on Monday evening, bringing his total contributions in the preparetion period to nine goal in five matches and total of 269 minutes.

Salah's message to Erling Haaland

Since Erling Haaland appeared in the English Premier League, the Norwegian player has been doing nothing but breaking goalscoring records, which include a good set of Salah's own numbers.

But it seems that Salah has made a decision contrary to all expectations, and decided not to fight Haaland in his favorite game, which is scoring goals, so perhaps those like Kevin De Bruyne and other goal makers.

Salah's industry of seven goals in just five matches in the preparation period is a very huge number, and it certainly will not be that easy in the English Premier League, but in any case, Salah's message is still strong and it has been heard by everyone.

The whole point

Salah started the preparation season very strongly, and it seems that he is determined to make up for what he missed last season, individually and collectively.

Even if he can't keep up with young Erling Haaland, who has many records, he has other goals, most likely to be collective to make up for what Liverpool missed last season.

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