Taliban order to shut down beauty saloon

 Taliban order to shut down beauty saloon

Taliban order to shut down beauty saloon image

The Taliban have ordered hair and beauty salons in Afghanistan to shut in the latest restriction faced by women.

A Vice and Virtue Ministry spokesman told the BBC businesses had one month to comply, starting from 2 July when they were first informed of the move.

Women's freedoms have steadily shrunk since the Taliban seized power in 2021.

They have barred teenage girls and women from classrooms, gyms and parks, and most recently even banned them from working for the United Nations.

The Taliban have give order that women should proper dresses and reveals only their eyes , and also said if they travel more than 72 kilometer (48 miles). they must be accompanied by a male.

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The restrictions have continued despite international condemnation and protests by women as well as activists speaking up on their behalf.

Shutting beauty salons was part of a wide range of measure imposed by the Taliban when they were last in power between 1996 and 2001. After the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan they again reopened  in the year.

Reacting to the new closure, that The Taliban are taking away the most basic human rights from Afghan women. an afghan unknown women gave interview to BBC":

"They are violating women's rights. By this decision, they are now depriving women from serving another women.I was completely shocked when I was heard the news

"It seems the Taliban do not have any political plan other than focusing on women's bodies. At every level of public life they are trying to end the women of afghan."

Beauty salons remained open even after the Taliban retook power two years ago following the withdrawal of US forces. But shop windows were often covered up and images of women outside salons were spray painted to hide their faces.

The Taliban government has not explained what prompted the ban, or what alternatives, if any, would be available to women once the salons shut.

"She told to the BBC. "Another Afghan woman who asked not to be named said her friends had confirmed the closure of hair salons in Kabul and elsewhere. "It's more shocking news for Afghan women .I went out and saw all the salons in my locality were closed."

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