flix app ptv: App that covers the golden age public TV

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  flix app PTV: App that covers the golden age public TV

Be it 'Qabacha' from 'Tanhaiyan' or Jamshed Ansari's dialogue 'Chaqu Hai Mere Paas. These are the memories of the golden era of PTV. And do you remember Bill Baturi's introductory dialogue? On that condition your answer is negative, then this issue has been resolved.

If you too want to get lost in the dialogues and characters of what is known as the 'Golden Era' of PTV, then PTV has recently soft-launched an app for viewers like you.

The app named 'PTV Flix' has an archive of various dramas and programs from the sixties to the nineties, including dramas, telefilms, PTV award shows, music, religious and entertainment programs, and children's programs. programs are included.

Many dramas such as Aishaniyan, Dhup Kangar, Khuda ki Basti, Andhera Ajala, Marvi, Karan Kahani, Mandi, Uncle Arfi, Ek Mohabbat So Afsane, and Waris are a part of this app.

Comedy shows and dramas like Fifty Fifty, Alf Noon, Angan Tedha, Khawaja and Sons, and then Family Ninety Three, Burger Family are also included in this app. Several cricket matches and hockey competitions have also been included in the sports.

And yes, the Zia Mohiuddin Show, Zawiya, Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhtar's Studio Pune Three, and Studio Two and a Half, and Finale Kusuti are nothing short of a treat. The popular children's drama 'Ainakwala Jin' is still one of the most-watched dramas on the app.

Apart from this, the telefilms include Rozi, Sahind, Aaban, Ab Mera Ithkar, Qafs Hai Bus Mein Tumre, Kort Ma Pa Kort.

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According to PTV officials, the aim of launching PTV Flix is ​​not only to refresh the memories of the viewers about these dramas and shows but also to save these big projects of PTV.

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For this project, PTV management has given a contract to a private company to edit, and digitize these programs and dramas while also trying to improve their quality.

"The standard had worsened to such an expense that we were trying to join the tapes by taking out the water-soaked tapes," he speaks. These are very elderly tapes. While there are numerous dramas whose records and episodes are trying to be found.

PTV is called the 'Golden Age' of PTV because of the dramas, it makes from the 60 to the 90. All 5 centers of PTV namely Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta were broadcasting the best dramas of their era.

Andhera Ajala produced in 1985 from Lahore, Unkahi produced in 1982 from Karachi, and the drama Smoke produced in 1995 from Quetta were examples of Aap.

The comedy series Guest House from Islamabad was also a favorite of children of the nineties. While Rauf Khalid's popular dramas Log and Angar Wadi were also aired.

The app still has some technical issues that users are complaining about. Overseas Pakistanis require to pay a monthly fee for the way-in app, but, not very many clients on the social networking website Twitter protest that they could not make the payment due to a technical bug.

Talking to the BBC about this, Sabahat Zakaria,  build in the US, speak that he attempt numerous times at the starting point but could not do well. Sabahat tried several times to register in the app but the process could not be completed.

He also shared a screenshot on Twitter and wrote: "The app accepts my US debit card but won't proceed after this screen. "The Return to PTV Flix button is not working."

In the screenshot shared by him, it can be seen that only two rupees are mentioned in the required fee.

The same accommodations are being built by other clients. On the other hand, the interface of this app and the video standard of the programs are also being found faulty.

Talking about these complaints, PTV officials said that the app is still in its initial stages and the purpose of the soft launch is to work out the technical issues it faces. PTV's IT department is working on it and all these issues will be resolved by the time of the full launch.

However, PTV IT officials did not give any response or timeline in this regard despite being contacted.

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On the one hand, this app is being praised so that the viewers of these PTV dramas that were aired decades ago can relive the memories of the past today, but along with this, the question is being asked Finally what is in this app for the new generation?

Talking about this, a user Ali Raza Choudhary says, “You are targeting those who are from the sixties and nineties. Half of them will not be in the world anyway and those who are will not know about PTV Flix nor will they go out of their traditional ways. So what's in this app for Generation Z?'

We asked the same question to PTV officials what is the target audience of this app? Will the youth of today or the youth of the next ten years be interested in watching old PTV dramas or using this app?

Answering this question, an official speaks that they are trying to link the app with the TV so that people can view the program on the TV screen. How good dramas we cast off to build, they were educational, but they were manufactured, directed, and scripted with huge attempts. '

It was the plan of ​​Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb to maintain the good plays and programs of our gone and build them within the youth. It is imperative to preserve these major projects and make them accessible to upcoming generations.

And right now at this stage, we are looking for episodes of dramas and programs that have been lost somewhere in the archives or have been corrupted due to someone's carelessness. Therefore, if we do not protect them today, then in the next few years this asset will leave our hands.

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