Pro-khalistan amrit pal singh will be kept

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Pro-Khalistan amrit pal singh will be kept and the features of Dibrugarh jail

Amrit Pal Singh, the supporter of Khalistan and head of the company 'Wars Punjab De', is being taken in and brought to the Dibrugarh Jail in the northeastern nation of Assam, India.

Amrit Pal Singh was taken in from Rode village in Moga on Sunday. He was then taken to Bathinda Air Force Station, from where he was brought to Dibrugarh Jail. He has been runaway since March 18.

Punjab Police Inspector General (Headquarters) Sukhchan Singh Gul told a press conference on Sunday morning that Amrit Pal Singh has been sent to Assam's Dibrugarh Central Jail.

A few people associated with Amrit Pal Singh's company 'Waras Punjab De' are thus far submit to Dibrugarh Central Jail and have been booked under the National Security Act (NSA).

Amrit Pal Singh's uncle Harjit Singh and his accomplices have been imprisoned here since March. He was arrested from Punjab in March and brought here.

That's why the 'Dibrugarh Central Jail', one of the oldest jails in Northeast India, is currently in the headlines.

At any time since Amrit Pal's accomplices were brought to the Dibrugarh Jail, tight security positioning has been built in the jail premises.

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 Amrit Pal is being brought to Dibrugarh Jail Why?

Talking about the government's strategy behind keeping Amrit Pal's associates so far away in Dibrugarh Jail, senior journalist Rajeev Dutta says: 'Actually, the way Amrit Pal Singh's supporters stormed the Punjab police station with weapons. It is not easy to come so far in Assam to do what was causing the commotion inside.'

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He says: 'This is why the government has not sent those people arrested under the NSA Act to the jails of Punjab and its neighboring states and now the security arrangements are so tight that they can be transported by rail or air. It is not very easy to reach Garh.'

'Also, they cannot do any grouping in Dibrugarh Jail. For one, they are kept in separate cells and language will be the biggest problem for them in this prison. Therefore, they cannot do anything inside the jail.

Earlier in 2017, Azad MLA from Sivasagar and farmer leader Akhil Gogoi were lodged in Dibrugarh jail under NSA.

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The security arrangements how's?

Security personnel armed with modern weapons are stationed outside the entrance gate of the jail.

One side  this, further CCTV cameras have also been fixed in the jail premises.

Dibrugarh Central Jail, which was established during the British rule in 1859-60, had never been the subject of much discussion, nor had any prisoner arrested under the National Security Act from any other state. been kept in jail.

When Amrit Pal's associates were brought here last month, Dibrugarh District Deputy Commissioner Biswajit Pegu briefed reporters about the security arrangements here.

He had spoken: '7 persons detained under the NSA Act have been brought to Dibrugarh and lodged in the Central Jail. Stern security arrangements have been built at various levels inside and outside the jail to avoid any unexpected event.

DC Pegu speaks that security measures have been taken at several levels around the cell in which the prisoners under NSA were kept. Apart from the Assam Police, personnel of the Central Armed Forces has also been deployed to protect the cell.

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So Much vigilance in prison Why?

Earlier, Director General of Assam Police GP Singh had written in reply to a tweet: 'Seven NSA prisoners have arrived from Punjab. Four were brought in on March 19. One was brought on March 20 and two on March 21.

In fact, this case related to the action against Amrit Pal and his associates is very sensitive. In such a situation, the local administration is looking very cautious about the security arrangements of Dibrugarh Central Jail.

Located in the Phul Bagan area near the Assam Trunk Road in the mid of Dibrugarh city, the Central Jail is laid out over a region of ​​about 47 bighas (76,203.19 sq m). Established in the year 1859-60, this jail has thirty feet big walls surrounding the major compound.

In fact, in the month of June 1991, five high-profile prisoners of the banned extremist organization ALPHA, the ULFA, escaped from Dibrugarh Jail.

In the 1990s, Alpha carried out a few of the bulk vicious events in the country. After this event, the power decided to grow the height of the prison walls.

In such a situation, many senior lawyers are also surprised to bring seven associates of Amrit Pal from Punjab to Dibrugarh Jail.

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