Dr. Ajmal Sawand killed in 'tribal conflict' in Sindh


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Who is Dr. Ajmal Sawand, who was killed in a 'tribal conflict' in Sindh?

Dr. Ajmal Sawand, a Ph.D. in computer science from France, was shot dead on Thursday morning
I was a secondary-level student. He is cast-off to teach the British French in matching clothes (shalwar kameez). Pakistanis are cast-off to get Rs 30,000 per hour. Then I distinct to go to my country and teach myself.
Dr. Ajmal Savand, a Ph.D. in computer science from France, was shot dead in the Ghat police station of Kandhkot on Thursday morning.
He is cast off to teach at a university in France, from where he had to go back some time ago.
Kandhkot Kashmore Police term Dr. Ajmal's killing as a sign of tribal conflict. SSP Kashmore Irfan Samu told the BBC that the killings were the result of clashes in the middle of the Sundarani and Savand tribes, in which seven people have been killed so far.

The Sawand family had accused the man of the Sundarani family of doing business. After that, it turned into a family conflict in which seven people, including a woman and Ajmal Savand, have been killed.

"Opponents attacked by looking alone"

Dr. Tariq Sawand, elder brother of Jamal Sawand, says that his brothers went to visit their native lands and when they were returning in the morning, they were stopped and attacked.

They claim that there was no tribal or tribal dispute. Savand and Sabzoi two families living in Kacha had a business dispute, we had no enmity with anyone. When someone is innocent, he has no fear and that's why Dr. Savand went there at night in Kacha.

Mumtaz Bukhari, a journalist from Sukkur, says that Ajmal Sawand went to see his land in Kacha at 12 o'clock at night. The next morning, he had a class at IBA Sukkur.

"There was a dispute between Savand and Sabzoi people in the region they went to. The Sabzoi community asked them to provide protection but they reject it. The opponents saw him alone and strike him.

According to journalist Mumtaz Bukhari, the Savand tribe had an untimely conflict with the Sabzoi tribe which carry on from 2007 to 2017.

He said that due to this dispute, the educated families moved to Sukkur, as well as the family of Dr. Ajmal Savand.
Dr ajmal killed image

Armed men of the Savand tribe took Dr. Ajmal's body to the hospital at his post-mortem was supervised.

After the death of Dr. Ajmal, another video also went viral, in which motorcyclists are firing in the air in delight after the death of Dr. Ajmal.

A film of the police effort opposed to the accused in Kache has also near the light, which is a spot where the armored automobile is knocking down houses.

In this view, SSP Irfan Samu speaks that the slum houses of the accused are demolished to put enforcement on them.

He speaks that they are made up of houses that are cast off as an aspect. With this traditional tactic of the police, the accused surrender under pressure.

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On the report to SSP Irfan Samu, after the incident, raids were managed on the houses of the suspected accused but they have gotten away, the police are also doing geofencing to hold out the accused.

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