Election in Punjab Know the load Column by Asma Shirazi

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Election in Punjab Know the load Column by Asma Shirazi

How will the glass house be safe if every person sitting in the glass house gets a stone in their hand? The stoning is such that even the stones speak up and make themselves targets. Blame it and blame it on yourself.

We have become the inhabitants of such a society where disintegration and breakdown are not stopping in any way. The sand is constantly slipping from the closed palm, while the feeling of time standing still does not disappear.

Amir Khusrau is a poet and an orator, but his two sons also have a queen. Each of Khusrau's riddles seems appropriate to our situation.

Understand that our situations are riddles that can be understood as they are understood.

Why don't you wear shoes?

Why didn't you eat the sambosa?

Answer: Tala was not

This double blow is felt in the political environment, economic stability, or social order, no maturity is available from the end.

Parliament of Pakistan: supreme court procedure bill

Why not taste the pomegranate?

Why not hire a minister?

Answer: There was no grain/grain

Every day is a new day and every moment is a new story, every day something breaks and there is no promise of becoming anything now.

Who knows finer than us how to make new mistakes and put old stamps on those new mistakes, put new tapes on old files, and play new tapes with old pictures.

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