Sugar sold in Pakistan for Rs 93 per kg is smuggled to Afghanistan for Rs 193

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How is sugar sold in Pakistan for Rs 93 per kg is smuggled to Afghanistan for Rs 193?

While going back from Panj Pai to Quetta for one of my stories, I saw Levi's pickup truck at an inspection post. Outside the pick-up truck, a formal was placing big white sacks inside the pick-up truck.

When asked, the Levies formally said that these sacks carry sugar which was being laid hold to Afghanistan through Punjab, and after catching it, these sacks are now being grip back to the Quetta headquarters.

In this look on, Pakistani authorities also confirm that Pakistani sugar is being unauthorized into Afghanistan.

A current Customs officer had not long ago seized about 112 tonnes of sugar from a train put in an appearance from Quetta to Chagai and sent it back to Quetta due to lack of a permit. Speaking to the BBC, he declare that according to his guess, "about 100 tonnes of sugar every other day and about 700 tonnes of sugar a week are being smuggled into Afghanistan from Quetta."

According to the Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce, there are twenty smuggling routes through which sugar and other food items are transported from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Customs duty is not paid on these goods and these buses and trucks reach eight different provinces of Afghanistan through the check posts between the two countries.

How does this sugar reach Afghanistan?

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Currently, district Chagai is an important point in Balochistan, from where sugar is smuggled to Afghanistan, but it is not the only point in Balochistan province.

Apart from this, other areas of Balochistan bordering Afghanistan like Chaman, Qila Saifullah, Qila Abdullah, Pashin and Zhob areas are also included in the smuggling route.

On tracing the smuggling routes, it was found that there is one legal and to some extent illegal route from Pakistan to China.

Explaining this, a government spokesman said that 'the road is used the same way, but where the big vehicles of local traders are allowed to leave after seeing the permit, there is no permit for the illegal truck. '

This permit is issued by the Government of Pakistan to local businessmen and their companies. In which a permit is issued in the name of the owner of the company after checking the identity card and inspecting the business. Under this permit, the trucks carrying the goods under the owner and the drivers driving them are also identified.

Now, as a result of smuggling from Chagai in a few months, Deputy Commissioner Chagai Hussain John Baloch has recently banned the issuance of sugar permits. According to the statement, this disallow will carry on until all sugar suppliers are registered, but according to traders, there is no such ban in other areas ahead of the border.

The Panj Pai area was cast off for commerce from Afghanistan for a long time, but now this way has been closed by the regime, and sugar is now smuggled by way of here.

Dealing officials say that sugar is first brought to Quetta through Punjab and Sindh and from Quetta to Afghanistan.

On the report to the people taking part in this service, the procedure is that first the sugar is transported to Chagai by bus, car, truck, or train, and then from there it is transported to Afghanistan through the desert in the neighborhood of Dakh.

The train arriving at Chagai mostly goes to the Iranian city of Zahedan, but before that, sugar and other goods are unloaded from it at Nokundi railway station and sent to Afghanistan by small cars and trucks.

The same procedure is used for other areas along the border. Where sugar is smuggled in small vehicles using the desert area, while it is transported to the Chinese border by passenger buses from the cities.

This was realized when it was agreed to go to the Musa Colony bus base in Quetta while doing a report on human trafficking. On one side of this foundation, there is a crowd of people while on the same foundation, some buses are seemingly standing unoccupied at the back. Here only sacks of sugar were being loaded on the seats of the passenger bus of 42 people.

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On discern us there, the bus driver pull out his bus from that place, asking us not to take pictures, but when asked, he surely told us that this sugar comes from Punjab and Ghotki to Quetta and is sent to Afghanistan onwards with urea, medicines, and further food items. Is.

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