Group of people have crosses the border into china

Group of people have crosses the border into china

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 A group of people have crossed the border into chaina thought to be North Korean Taekwondo athletes

In neighbouring kazakhstan they are said to be heading   to the Taekwondo world championships .

It marks the first time that Pyongyang has sent a sports team overseas since its Covid border closure in 2020.

They will travel on to Beijing before heading to the Kazakh capital Astana,said by source.

Two(2) green buses have been spotted crossing the Yalu River yalu  that divides the chaina and North Korea.In the Chinese city of Dandong they arrived, where dozens of people then disembarked or get off.

In 2020 At the start of the pandemic that Pyongyang sealed off its borders, with no one allowed to enter or leave the country since.

These are the first known athletes to be sent overseas, which indicates may be finally relaxing its border restrictions that pyongyang .

That the government is preparing or arranging to allow its own citizens to re enter the country soon as possible. North Korean labourers, are still in chaina and russia who number in the tens of thousands.recently reports purpose or suggest.

Last month, In pyongyang Russian and Chinese delegations were  to mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice.

They were the first known foreign groups to be invited to the country since borders closed three years ago.

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