Fire at a cottage in wintzenheim: nine bodies found in the rubble

 Fire at a cottage in wintzenheim: nine bodies found in the rubble

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On wednesday morning  in the Haut-Rhin the fire broke out which welcomed disbled people who came to spend their holidays.

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 A fire ravaged a lodging welcoming disabled people, in Wintzenheim (Haut-Rhin) at 6:30 a.m., Wednesday August 9, announced the prefecture.This morning, 11 people "were missing"secretary general of the Haut-Rhin prefecture. according to a count given by Christophe Marot..Nine bodies were found, franceinfo learned at midday from concordant sources. “Two people are still untraceable,” Told to the press Lieutenant-Colonel Philippe Hauwiller, commander of relief operations, . Follow our live.

Elisabeth Borne (EB)goes there. On wednesday on twitter The prime minister announced that she was going to Wintzenheim with the Minister of Solidarity, Aurore Bergé.. "Faced with this disaster , my thoughts go out to the victims, to the injured, to their loved or devation ones", On twitter reacted for his part Emmanuel Macron .

Vacationers came from Nancy. Two groups off people with disabilities welcomed by The establishment , supervised by two different associations. “A discreet welcome for families has been organized in a room in Wintzenheim,” the prefecture said in a press release. "Deeply bruised by the terrible fire this morning in Wintzenheim of a lodging which welcomed people with disabilities from Nancy, said the mayor of this city, Mathieu Klein.To the families the victims I send my greatest support and my thoughts."

On site an important device post that  with 76 firefighters, four(4) fire engines and  four ambulances and an advanced medical post were post  in the space of fifteen minutes(15). In all, 300 M2 out of the 500 that make up the private cabin  have "been ablaze", according to the prefecture. She said "The fire was fast  brought under control inspite of  the violence of the flames," . In addition, 17 people were shift and one person "In relative emergency" was moved  to hospital. A person in shock was also taken care of

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