France riosts ease-anti violence


France riosts ease-anti violence

Riots in France appear to be calming, after five days of violent protests in response to the shooting of teenager Nahel M during a police traffic stop.

on Sunday they arrested more than 150, the night before that compared more than 700

 over the last few days, there have been numerous calls for the violence to stop, including from Nahel's family.

Mayors have called for people to rally outside town halls on Monday to protest the violence and looting.

In a press release shared on Sunday, an association of the country's mayors notes that "communes everywhere in France are the scene of serious unrest, which targets republican symbols with extreme violence".

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"We refuse to let our country succumb to chaos... Unfortunately, this situation does not come as a surprise, and for years France's mayors have been sounding alarm bells over the degradation in our society," the press release reads.

It also makes a reference to the attack on a suburban Paris mayor's home at the weekend, in which rioters fired rockets at the official's fleeing wife and children. The incident is being handle as strive murder.

Rioters have damaged and attempted to set fire to several town halls across France since the start of the unrest.

even so, Sunday Night saw a plain decline in the number of incidents recorded compared with last week.

Last night, 297 cars were set on fire compared with Thursday's 1,900, while 34 buildings were damaged or set ablaze compared with more than 500 on Thursday.

 French President Emmanuel  Macron will meet on Sunday the mayors of 220 community areas that have been affected by the violence.

 A 24 year old fireman was killed on Sunday while look for to drown several cars which had been set alight in an underground car park in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin said.

 Paris fire brigade of spokesperson has said the BBC that there is at this stage "no formal link" with the violence that has rocked France, but an investigation was under way said by interior ministry  to control the situation of the fire.

About 45,000 officers were deployed across the country for the third day running.

France riots ease-anti violence

However, there are hopes that the unrest is subsiding, as Sunday was a much quieter night.

At the weekend, the household of Nahel, the teenager who was killed by police, called for calm.

A relative of Nahel told the BBC that the family did not want his death to spark riots, but insisted the law around lethal force at traffic stops must change.

And his grandmother accused rioters of using Nahel's death as an excuse and urged them to stop destroying public goods.

She also told her "heart is in pain" about a GoFundMe page for the family of the police officer who shot Nahel, which as of Monday had raised more than €923,000 (£792,880).

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