Imran Khan's appearance in the accountability court


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In the Al-Qadir Trust case against Pakistan's former Prime Minister Imran Khan, due to security reasons, the accountability court was transferred to the police lines by the district administration because instead of keeping the accused Imran Khan in Rawalpindi NAB office keeping in mind the security. Held in police lines.

The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court declared Imran Khan's arrest legal from the premises of the court, so the media representatives as well as I were under the impression that on Wednesday when the case will be heard in the accountability court, the police, and court staff. The courtroom would assist them in going but when the police lines reached the headquarters, the situation was completely different.

No police official allowed journalists to go even to the highway on which the major gate of the police headquarters is located.

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Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha, a member of the National Assembly belonging to Pakistan PMLN, 1st reached the police lines to go to the court and no policeman dared to stop him.

3 hours after the start of court time, the police officials managed to take Imran Khan's four lawyers through an unknown door to the Police Lines Headquarters where 2 cases against Imran Khan were to be heard.

A remarkable number of journalists who were present were still under the impression that some of them would also be getting hold of the courtroom, but a police officer even tried to contact the journalists about it. However, when the media grumble to a senior police officer about why he was not allowed to enter the courtroom, he builds it understandable that he did not have that authority.

The surprising thing is that on this day the court getting going of these 2 cases against Imran Khan was sent through text messages to the bureau chiefs of local private Television channels, who in go round forwarded these messages to punch reporters.

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Journalists outside the police lines were not authorized to cover the collision between the policemen and the protesters and the local media was only showing footage provided by the Islamabad Police.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf lawyers also verify the text message in which Imran Khan had notified the court that he was in danger and that he too might not be treated in a sardonic way.

Maqsood Chapdasi was a key viewer in the money laundering case against the present PM and then Leader of Opposition Shahbaz Sharif, over whose death Imran Khan as PM expressed concern.

The lawyer of  Imran Khan's legal team, Shira Alam Khan, declare that a remarkable number of the army staff were posted inside the police lines where the court was for now set up alternatively of the police.

He also declare that though Imran Khan was not put through to physical torture during custody, he was subjected to mental torture.

The reference to Sher Alam Khan, Imran Khan told him in the courtroom that he was not allowed to sleep at night and was roaming the streets all night around 4 o'clock he was locked in a dirty room and somebody put him down in the ground. Didn't even give a sheet.

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