South Korea 22 people killed

 South Korea 22 people killed

South Korea 22 people killed image

In South Korea At least 22 people have been killed by deadly flooding , as torrential rainfall continues to batter central regions.

A third day of downpours triggered landslides and caused a major dam in the central North Chungcheong province to overflow.

Heavy rain submerged roads, swept away cars and disrupted railways.

 Officials said. Thousands another 14 people are missing  have been forced to evacuate their homes,

From the North Gyeongsang province Most of the casualties were reported , caused by landslides in the mountainous area that destroyed homes.

Entire houses "were swept away whole" in the most severely affected areas, an emergency responder told local media.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo has asked the military to assist with rescue efforts.

Authorities say 19 cars have been submerged in an underground tunnel in the central Chungcheong province - prompting fears the number of fatalities could rise.

more than Thousand of people have been affected by shifting  orders issued by various local governments.

 News agency South Korean Yonhap said. around 06:30 local time Some 6,400 residents were evacuated after the Goesan Dam began to overflow  on Saturday (21:30 GMT on Friday),

Near the dam  a  number of low-lying villages  as well as many of the roads connecting them, were said to have been submerged, leaving some residents trapped in their homes.

Korail, the country's national rail operator, has announced the suspension of all slow trains and some bullet trains, and said other bullet train services would be disrupted.

Late on Friday, a train was derailed in North Chungcheong after a landslide threw earth and sand onto the tracks.

The train was not carrying passengers at the time  when One engineer was injured in the incident.

The Korea Meteorological Administration forecast more rainfall through to Wednesday next week. It warned that the weather conditions pose a "grave" danger.

Over the past fortnight Extreme rain has caused floods and landslides across several countries including China ,India, Japan .

While many factors contribute to flooding, scientists say a warming atmosphere caused by climate change makes extreme rainfall more likely. The warmer it becomes the more moisture the atmosphere can hold.

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