Former Russian Submarine Captain

  Former Russian Submarine Captain

Former Russian Submarine Captain image

A former Russian submarine captain  has been shot dead while jogging in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar, who worked as mobilisation according to local media..

On Monday  Stanislav Rzhitsky, 42 was shot dead by an unidentified gunman, Russia's state-run Rossiya 1 reported.

Several Russian media outlets speculated he may have been tracked via his profile on the Strava fitness app.

Into the killing russian authorities have begin investigation.

The country's Investigative Committee  equivalent of the US Fbi - said a murder inquiry has been launched and that officials would seek to "start all the circumstances of the incident, as well as the person who committed the crime and his motives".

while he was taking his morning jog in a park near the Olimp sports centre  An unidentified gunman was shot to formal Naval officer  in the back and chest , Russian daily newspaper Kommersant reported.

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Baza, a Russian Telegram channel with close ties to the police, reported that the killer could have tracked Cpt Rzhitsky's runs on Strava as he regularly followed the same route while running.

A BBC Verify analysis of Cpt Rzhitsky's profile - which is public - shows that he frequently ran through the area where he is reported to have been killed. Facial analysis carried out by the BBC confirmed the profile belonged to Cpt Rzhitsky.

In a statement, Ukraine's military intelligence said the park was deserted due to heavy rain, "so there are no witnesses who could provide details or identify the attacker".

His watch and headphones were found at the scene, indicating robbery was not the motive, according to Russian news outlet Mash.

Cpt Rzhitsky reportedly commanded the Krasnodar submarine, named after the city, in the Russian Navy.

He could have been in command of the vessel when it carried out a missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia in July 2022, which killed 23 people, including three children.Ukrainian media has told.

 The attack came from Kalibr cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Black Sea.The Ukrainian government said

But Baza, a Russian Telegram channel with close ties to the police, has quoted Cpt Rzhitsky's father saying that his son resigned from the Russian armed forces in December 2021 - before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

He subsequently became the deputy mobilisation officer in the Krasnodar region.

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