Rising Incidence of Liver Disease in Non alcoholic cirrhosis

alcoholic cirrhosis

Rising Incidence of Liver Disease in Non-alcoholic cirrhosis

"I was doing tests as usual. I did not feel any complaint of the liver. Although the report showed an increase in enzymes, then the liver report showed an increase in alpha-fetoprotein (AFP).

These are the words of senior journalist Ram Karpal Singh who was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013.

He explains: 'Following the indication of elevated alpha-fetoprotein, I underwent an endoscopy which revealed a lump in my liver. The doctor treated and the lumps were burned. But then new lumps appeared in the liver. After doing a PET scan, the doctor said that you should get a liver transplant. My niece gave me a liver donation.

non alcoholic cirrhosis

 Liver function Arvinder Singh Son, president, and chief surgeon of Maidanta Institute of Liver Transplantation, explains that the liver is the organ of the body that performs the most, 500 functions.

In the report of Dr. Arvinder, the liver is an important part that makes hormones, i.e. it is a storehouse or detoxification plant and it unfastens lavish products from the body. 

Dr. Shiv Sarin, director of the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, says: 'Until about three decades ago, diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and BP were thought dangerous. But now the situation has changed and now liver diseases are increasing in India or people.

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