Muslim population in india increases

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Muslim population in India increases quickly in 2023

India's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has built many assets about the part of the Muslim population in India.

During his look into America, Sitharaman rejected the talk that the condition of Muslims has worsened under the BJP government.

Below we have reviewed some of their comments.

In the world, India is the 2nd big Muslim country

This is difficult to trust because the official demographic details are out of date.

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The US-based Pew Research Center has approximately that in 2020, India will have the 2nd big Muslim population all over the world after Indonesia, time Pakistan is 3rd, but it is merit noting that their approximate are bigger than those of India in 2011 and 2017, approximately. and are established at the end census of Pakistan.

Apart from this, experts have also questioned the reliability of Pakistan's census data.

In the 2017 Census of Pakistan, a few provinces (Karachi, Sindh, and Balochistan) reported issues with total counting.

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"There is some uncertainty about Pakistan," says Conrad Hackett, associate director of religion at Pew Research. It is achievable that Pakistan now has slightly further Muslims than India.

Increasing in numbers of the Muslim population

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