Gold robbery airport of Toronto price of gold $15 million

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Gold robbery airport of Toronto price of gold $15 million in valuable disappeared

Canadian police say they are investigating a gold heist at Toronto Pearson International Airport, a site often cast-off to ship gold mined in the province of Ontario.

Canadian command speaks further than 20 million Canadian dollars value of gold and valuables was taken on Monday, April 17.

Officials say the "big-value" aircraft container put in an appearance at the airport in the evening and was passed to a cargo possession facility.

The police trust that the thievery took location at that place.

The robber may be one of the huge robberies in Canadian history, with the Substantial Canadian Maple Syrup robberies before taking the spot in 2011 and 2012. At that time, 3000 tons of syrup valued at 18.7$ million were stolen from storage in Quebec.

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Peel Regional Police Inspector Stephen Dustein said his team was investigating "all avenues" and reported Monday's incident as the only incident of its type.

He speaks the area of the airplane container was about 5 square feet but did not declare anything about the weight.

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Officials have also rejected to speak about which airline dispatched the load, where it came from, and what its end of the line was.

The Toronto Sun announce Thursday that police trust arranging felony categories was taking part in the robbery.

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