Fort Lauderdale Airport has been closed due to flood


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Fort Lauderdale Airport has been closed  due to flooding and the reason is not specified

Thunderstorms caused automobiles to become engulfed in floodwaters, travelers to become stranded within the city's airport, and authorities to declare a rare flash flood emergency.

Thunderstorms in southeast Florida dumped 15 to 20 inches of rain on the Fort Lauderdale area on Wednesday according to the national weather service trapping drivers in floodwaters. The passengers were left inside the airport and closed.

South Florida residents are accustomed to storms. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international airport was closed due to heavy rain. It was dark because of it. No damage was reported of dead bodies or injuries as night fell. 

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The weather service declared an emergency about the flash flood on Wednesday night in the Fort Lauderdale area. They are safe even in such harsh conditions of rain. It can pose a serious threat to human life.  The state of emergency will last until 2: p.m. on Thursday. 

A flash flood warning 

Early on Thursday, a flash flood warning, which denotes a lesser level of risk, was in force for various parts of central Broward County. One of Florida's largest cities is Fort Lauderdale, which is located in the middle of Broward County on the Atlantic coast.

In footage showed heavy flooding in Fort Lauderdale earlier on Wednesday. All this was said by the Stephen Gollan

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