Karachi's Shadowed by the Blood Stained mof Bushra Zaidi's Death


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                                  Karachi's Future Shadowed by the Blood-Stained mof Bushra Zaidi's Death

Karachi's Future Shadowed by the Blood-Stainedmof Bushra Zaidi's Death: The red of blood was blurring the blackness of the road. Now Lal Lal Khun was lamenting the desolation of a laughing city on a black road. This headline was going to darken the future of Karachi.

The city of lights flickering between the dark red and black colors was about to sink into the darkness of violence.

It was Monday, April 15, 1985, a sunny morning.

Just now, a high-speed Ford wagon (minibus) of the 'X3' route on Syed Altaf Ali Barelvi Road, connected to the (famous) Chowrangi of Nazimabad, one of the most popular areas of Karachi, stopped right there, right in front. Bushra Zaidi, a 20-year-old student of Sarsyed Government Girls College, and her elder sister Najma were crushed.

The squeaky wheels of the minibus not only crushed the students but also the calm and order of the city. Bushra Zaidi's blood was found in sprinkle the road so only dust and blood endure in the density of the city.

Breaking News : federal-minister-for-religious-affairs-abdul-shakoor-died.html

The blood flowing from the body of the young student who died in this accident entirely 37 years ago today and the fear dripping from the face of the driver of the minibus that crushed her were not limited to one face and one body.  Then blood goes long in every settlement, and fear spread over every neighborhood.

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